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Sprint Retrospective Real Examples

Pixar (1)

Notes Day is a day in which employees tell management how to make Pixar better. No visitors allowed and everyone must attend.

‘we have a problem and we believe the only people who know what to do about it are you’ 

page 282


  • People submit discussion topics in advance 
    • Go through them (pick ones which you can imagine 20 people talking about for an hour) (1, page 283)
    • Schedule sessions and let people sign up for it themselves  (1, page 284)
  • Start the day off by a intro speech
    • John Lassiter gave an example of being thankful for the feedback that he personally received and reminder how important honesty is and not to feel attacked personally
  • First session was within departments to warm everyone up being candid with people that they worked with regularly before having to do it around strangers
  • Subsequent discussion sessions scheduled that people submitted and signed themselves up to in advance of the day
    • Executives and directors did not join these sessions (to allow safety) and addressed their own issues together separately
    • Each session has exit forms to be filled in to capture the discussions
    • The exit form included the final line of ‘who should pitch this proposal (i.e. a volunteer) (1, page 286) 
  • Social event afterwards
  • Afterwards volunteers who signed up to pitch the proposal presented them to the execs who immediately began implementing the ones that made sense, or earmarked to do at a later stage when it was more logical (1, page 292)

Reasons for success (1, page 293)

  • Clear and focused goal
    • They used the fact that it was costing too much and something needed to be done to hit specific financial goal
  • Championed by the highest levels of the company 
  • It was led from within, no outside consultancy running it
    • The commitment was contagious 


  1. Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull

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