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Interviewing a Scrum Master

Good Candidate Credentials

Ability to be Coached (1)

  • If they are coachable it is a yes
  • If they aren’t coachable, give them a book and feedback as to why

Qualifications (1)

  • PSM III is a top qualification and you will go to the top of the list

Interview Tasks

Suggested Tasks (1)

  • Teach me scrum on a whiteboard
    • If they go off topic, then can ask them questions to see if they are coachable
  • Facilitate a daily scrum
    • Preferably use the team that they will be the Scrum Master for
    • Look for if the team focus their attention on the SM, what do they do?
    • Does the SM try and make it a status meeting
  • Facilitate a retro
    • Sending them in cold, with no preparation time
    • If they do ‘What went well, What went bad, What could go better’ – ask him/her to do something else, and if they don’t’ know anything else then co-facilitate with them

Interview Questions

Curiosity (1)

  • Ask them, ‘what are you reading?’
    • SM needs to be curious all the time
    • If their answer is that they don’t read anything, it is a big red flag


  1. Fixing Your Scrum webinar through on 26th March 2020

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