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Murder Mystery meets Rock Paper Scissors


Workshop fun game to get everyone warmed up and talking



As far as I am aware I made this one up.

But obviously based on the beloved Cluedo board game and Rock, Paper, Scissors.



Each person has a piece of card folded in half

  • They have their own chart on the back to complete to solve the crime
  • And their own weapon, room, or person on the inside of the folded card

Murder Mystery Grid

Everyone goes around the room playing rock, paper, scissors

  • If you lose, you show the inside of your card to the other person and don’t get to see theirs
  • If you win, you get shown the inside of the other persons card and keep yours secret
  • If you draw you both show each other

Keep meeting people, playing the game until you have solved the crime and then shout CLUEDO!!



  • First time I played this I only put one of each type of weapon, person, and room into the game room so you would have to play with each person
    • This didn’t work as if you lost to someone, there was no value in them playing with you again and so you were scuppered!
  • For the second time I put three of each in the room
  • This game took quite a lot of preparation for what is a 5 minute game
  • Everyone was warmed up and had to talk to people they didn’t know but they didn’t really find out anything about each other so not so useful for a room who don’t know each other



  • Possibly changing the rock, paper, scissors part to be something a little more physical and engaging. Not sure what just yet…
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User Story Mad Libs


A quick team builder game.

Mad Libs for those who are unfamiliar here is the Wiki definition:

“Mad Libs is a phrasal template word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story, before reading the – often comical or nonsensical – story aloud. The game is frequently played as a party game or as a pastime.”

From <>


Create paragraph from the techniques you use to write your User Stories. My example is below

As a [person]

I want a [noun]

So that I can [verb] [adverb]

GIVEN I have a [noun]

WHEN I [verb] [adverb]

THEN I can [verb] better.

Acceptance Criteria
  1. I can [verb] when I [verb] on the [noun] 
  2. If I select the [noun] I am shown the [noun] 


And the list of words you need to be filled in

Person x 1

Noun x 5

Verb x 5

Adverb x 2



Do not show your team the User Story paragraph as this gives the game away

Ask each person in turn to name one of the lists of words

Read aloud the finished story that you have all created together



A lot of laughter

Team building from doing something silly and creative together – there are no wrong answers in this game!

Getting to know each other a bit more from what the first word that came into people’s heads



In the future I would like to try using this to teach User Story writing or BDD scenarios. I think it could be a good tool to act as a template for a simple User Story and could help create a conversation over structure and language.