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What is a Persona?

Mike Cohn Definition (3, page 38)

User roles = collection of defining attributes that characterise a population of users and their intended interactions

Persona = imaginary representation of a user role. Describe sufficiently so the team feel like they know the person (e.g. job, family, likes, comfort with technology). Include a description and a picture.

Extreme characters = over-the-top characters like a drug dealer or the pope

Good Persona Guidance

What Info should a good persona provide (1, pg 31)

  • Name
  • Representative photograph
  • Quote that conveys what they most care about
  • Job title
  • Demographics
  • Needs/goals
  • Relevant motivations and attitudes
  • Related tasks and behaviours
  • Frustrations/ pain points with current solution
  • Level of expertise/ knowledge (in the relevant domain, e.g. level computer savvy)
  • Product usage context/ environment (e.g. laptop in a loud, bust office or tablet on the couch at home)
  • Technology adoption life cycle segment (for your product category) – according to Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm

Creating Personas

Proto-personas (2)

  • Keeping personas as a living document, rather than a one time activity
  • Create proto-personas at the start and then validate that the persona is correct, rather than upfront research by a third party. Team are disconnected from the personas
  • Then validate 3 things
    • Does the customer exist?
    • Do they have the needs and obstacles you think they do?
    • Would they value a solution to this problem?

See Persona Creating Workshop


  1. Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen
  2. Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf
  3. User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn

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