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‘Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time’ Review

Holiday Read

This is an easy read about the origins and principles of Scrum, with no complex theory to focus on. There are also some interesting stories of Scrum being used in non-software development environments. 

This book is one that should be on the must read list for all involved in Scrum. It isn’t expensive, it isn’t taxing, and how better to fully understand Scrum than to read from one of the co-creators about how they came about creating Scrum. 

Not just Scrum!

That being said, this book does not stick to the explicit content of the Scrum guide and does talk about complimentary practices, for example story points. My version of this book was published in 2015 and there have been updates to the Scrum Guide in terms of wording as well as opinions on complementary practices that could spark a lively debate with what is written in this book. So even though this book is written by the co-creator of Scrum you may find yourself pausing at certain points to think and maybe disagree. 

Should I read it?

If you are looking to just pass the PSM I because you have been told you have to but you don’t care about Scrum, this book won’t help you pass. If you are new to Scrum and want to learn a bit more about the why and how it can bring value, read it. If you are an old hand at Scrum and have the Scrum pillars tattooed on your heart but haven’t read this book, this is a great refresher to help take a step back and see Scrum at its fundamentals and most importantly, why Scrum. 



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