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Key parts to roadmaps (1, pg 150)

  • The theme
  • Hypothesis
  • Goals and success metrics
  • Stage of development
    • Experiment = is the problem worth solving? Problem Exploration and Solution Exploration phase (no code)
    • Alpha = is the solution desirable? Minimum feature set for a robust solution experiment, in code, for a small set of users
    • Beta = is the solution scalable? Solution is available to more people (not all) to test technical abilities of scaling.
    • Generally Available (GA) = solution is available to all and sales team can start openly talking about it
  • Any important milestones

Further Reading

  • C. Todd Lombardo and Bruce McCarthy’s book – Product Roadmap Relaunched (1, pg 150)


  1. Escaping the Build Trap by Melissa Perri

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