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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP Definition

MVP Tests (2, pg 89)

  • MVP tests are everything that tests the hypothesis
  • MVP is reserved for the actual product

MVP Prerequisites

Steps to take before building an MVP (2, pg 87)

  1. Formed hypotheses about your target customers
  2. Formed hypotheses about their underserved needs
  3. Articulated the value proposition you plan to pursue so that your product is better and different 
  4. Identified the top feature ideas you believe will address those needs and broken them down into smaller chunks
  5. Prioritised those feature chunks based on ROI 
  6. Selected a set of those feature chunks for your MVP candidate, which you hypothesize customers will find valuable

MVP Guidance

MVP Questions (1, pg 77)

  • Most important question is ‘What’s the most important thing we need to learn next about this hypothesis?’
  • Next question is ‘what is the least amount of work we can do to learn that?’

MVP Functionality (2, pg 89)

An MVP should address all of the needs from Olsen’s hierarchy – it should not be just functional – it should be usable and delight the user 


  1. Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf
  2. Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen

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