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User Story Mapping Workshop

“Story mapping keeps us focused on users and their experience, and the result if a better conversation, and ultimately a better product.” (1)

Exercise Walkthrough

Use the example of a morning routine for training for the people in the workshop

Start with talking about the Opportunity

Frame your idea

  • Why?
  • What are the benefits?

Put the opportunity into context

Talk about users and how this impacts them

  • Use personas

Build a narrative flow

Talk through the journey that each user will take to realise their benefit

  • Mile wide, inch deep
  • Tell a story
  • If there is a disagreement over the order, go with the most popular as it likely will not matter
  • Add in more steps for a good vs bad journey

Brainstorm Stories

All attendees brainstorm stories and stick them underneath each of the narrative flow steps that they apply to

  • Explore details and options
  • Specific things the user will do
  • Alternate things the user could do
  • Include risk stories
  • What would make it cool?
  • Play the ‘What about?’ game
    • E.g. What about when things go wrong?

Organise the Stories

Collate similar stories and talk high level about each of the stories so all in the room have a shared understanding.

  • Move all the stories down the wall to leave a gap at the top as you talk through them
  • Draw a line across the board (blue line on above picture) below the gap that has been left

Outcome #1 Focus

Discuss and decide what Outcome #1 can be

  • Top outcome is sea level
  • For maximum learning
  • Opening game

Outcome #1 Populate

Work together to decide which stories are part of Outcome 1

  • Move only the stories up above the line that are necessary for Outcome 1
  • Not all the steps from the narrative flow must be present in the Outcome
  • Move the stories from below Outcome 1 down to make a gap


Repeat steps 6 – 9 with the next Outcome until you have:

  • Middle outcome is the fish
  • Business rules
  • Wider user journey
  • Performance


  1. User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton

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