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Persona Creating Workshop


  • To all have a shared understanding of the user roles that we are building the product for
  • To be able to use the roles when writing our BDD, stories, and to use when breaking down the stories in the story mapping workshops

Resources Needed

  • Post-it notes
  • Pens

Workshop Structure

Brainstorm an initial set of user roles

  • Everyone (the full team) writing role names on cards all together to brainstorm
  • A user role is one user. A company as a whole cannot use the software, so stick to one person
  • When the card is placed on the table or wall, the person reads out the name of the role and nothing more at this stage
  • Timebox to 15 minutes. End when the room stalls and people have stopped writing

Organise the initial set

  • Overlap cards where the roles overlap. The bigger the overlap of the cards, the bigger the overlap of the roles.

Consolidate roles

  • Authors of overlapping cards describe exactly what they meant
  • Group decides if roles are equivalent and rips up one (or both and creates a new one)
  • Rip up any cards that are not important to the success of the product (e.g. someone just browsing and never purchasing)
  • Can then create an overhead role to categorise some of the roles (like all job seekers, all recruiters etc)

Refine the roles

Add role attributes to each role. This is something that distinguishes one role from another e.g.

  • Frequency of using the software
  • User’s level of expertise with the domain
  • User’s general level of proficiency with computers
  • General user’s goal for the software – convenience/ rich experience
  • Type of outcome wanted from the product (e.g. part time or full-time role)


Make sure to have very strict time boxes for the team to complete the tasks in as it will be very easy to stray off topic and argue about the fine details which are not important

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