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Murder Mystery meets Rock Paper Scissors


Workshop fun game to get everyone warmed up and talking



As far as I am aware I made this one up.

But obviously based on the beloved Cluedo board game and Rock, Paper, Scissors.



Each person has a piece of card folded in half

  • They have their own chart on the back to complete to solve the crime
  • And their own weapon, room, or person on the inside of the folded card

Murder Mystery Grid

Everyone goes around the room playing rock, paper, scissors

  • If you lose, you show the inside of your card to the other person and don’t get to see theirs
  • If you win, you get shown the inside of the other persons card and keep yours secret
  • If you draw you both show each other

Keep meeting people, playing the game until you have solved the crime and then shout CLUEDO!!



  • First time I played this I only put one of each type of weapon, person, and room into the game room so you would have to play with each person
    • This didn’t work as if you lost to someone, there was no value in them playing with you again and so you were scuppered!
  • For the second time I put three of each in the room
  • This game took quite a lot of preparation for what is a 5 minute game
  • Everyone was warmed up and had to talk to people they didn’t know but they didn’t really find out anything about each other so not so useful for a room who don’t know each other



  • Possibly changing the rock, paper, scissors part to be something a little more physical and engaging. Not sure what just yet…

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