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FedEx Day


To encourage creativity and ownership from the team in the product



White paper and benefit of having a FedEx Day:


Facebook have regular hackathons and some of their biggest features have come from them:



Agreed a time frame in between two sprints (we timed this with an awkward dates for having a planning session I think because a bank holiday had offset us)

Agreed a review session to show each other what had been worked on

Rules were

  • it couldn’t be something we were already planning to do and had to be new
  • There had to be something to show at the end (i.e. the FedEx delivery must arrive on time)



  • Enjoyment from the team members on getting to work on something they either enjoyed or were passionate about
  • The team separated into a few smaller teams to work on their projects – mostly by time zone for ease
  • Everyone had something to show for the review
  • The business appreciated the ideas that had been created and put them on the backlog for further investment, or for further investigation where a new product was involved
  • After this event there were more creative questions on the solutions and the features and more suggestions
  • The business and the team asked for this to become regular



The team learned that for people who have specialist skill sets in the team it may be harder to join in. This is something to be discussed more at the start of any new FedEx day when ideas are being talked through.


Extensions to try

Just to do this more often and to have it scheduled in to our regular sprints!

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